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Lilac Milo

Cat Feather Toys Retractable Cat Teaser Wand and Rope Toy

Cat Feather Toys Retractable Cat Teaser Wand and Rope Toy

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Not only cat wand is retractable, but also nylon rope is retractable now!The feathers with bells made from Safe, natural material. The telescopic cat wand made of Silica gel and new material with higher elasticity and BPA-Free.Combine string and feather with bells into a great interactive cat toy, wich is an irresistible lure for cats! Swing this feathers " lure" will get your cats excited and bring out the " hunt instinct", making them running and jumping like a wild animal, driving your cats crazy with joy! Even adult cat play like a kitten again!
1.This cat toys wand extends from 12” in to 27”. It's very light, flexible, durable and easy to carry. The nylon rope extends from 0” in to 31” which can cover a large space for playing.
2.1pc cat wand+2 pcs feather with bells, new version clasp It is convenient to use and replace feathers. You can also hang other feather worms refills or DIY small items (not include).

Package Includes:
1 x cat wand
2 x feathers

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