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Dog gate fence household isolation net

Dog gate fence household isolation net

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 portable assembled safety fence

Features: pet safety net allows your pet to stay

Where you want to be;The isolation net keeps pets away

Away from the danger zone ~ both play and rest are provided

Secure fence.Safety net: easy group

Pack, immediate use, suitable for doorways, walls

Walls, stairs, bedrooms, dining rooms, or any outside

What place.

Material: reinforced fiber + polyethylene

Size:Height 80cm,Width 100cm

The recommended installation range is within 98cm in width

Features: Pet safety isolation nets can keep your pets where you want; isolation nets can keep pets away from dangerous areas ~ at the same time it is a safe fence for play and rest. Safety isolation net: easy to assemble, can be used immediately, suitable for placing at the door, wall, staircase, bedroom, dining room, or anywhere outside.





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This side table litter box ships to USA at our Blaine, USA access point.

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