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Teal Winterberry

Home Fashion Pet Supplies Dog Jumper

Home Fashion Pet Supplies Dog Jumper

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Product information:
Product name: Pet outdoor dog training equipment (jumping pole)
Product material: plastic
Product size: vertical pole length 101cm*width 3cm
Metal ground plug: 12cm crossbar length 101cm*3cm
Product parts: 4 vertical bars, 2 horizontal bars, 2 plastic clips

Four vertical rods are combined into two vertical rods, and two horizontal rods are combined into one horizontal rod, which is inserted into the bottom end of the vertical rod to fix the position on the grass. The fixing clip is used to hold the horizontal rod and the vertical rod. The height of the pole can be adjusted arbitrarily; the jump pole is composed of two horizontal bars, which can be used in a fixed Position on the grass
Note: This product is suitable for use on grass!

The height can be adjusted arbitrarily; the plastic ring is soft to avoid hurting the dog;
Detachable, easy to carry and store.

Practice Tips:

Before practicing, let the dog run and warm up
Dogs who have just eaten should not be practiced. After practice, they should not be fed immediately;
After jumping a few times, let the dog adjust and rest, and ensure that there is enough drinking water. Before drinking water, let the dog breathe and calm down before feeding water;
Puppies and elderly dogs should practice under the advice of a doctor.

Practice step-by-step:
1. Adjust the plastic ring to a low enough level, and slowly lead the dog across the plastic ring. Practice a few more times and give snacks as a reward at any time;
2. When the dog understands the rules of the game, the height of the plastic ring can be gradually increased.

Packing list:
Crossbar takeover*1+takeover*2+ground plug*2+fixing clip*1 set

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